Chris Cicchetti | Bay Area Senior Software Developer

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Chris Cicchetti My name is Chris Cicchetti and I am a professional software developer, mentor, and leader who works in Silicon Valley. I use this site to post my professional skills and resume, and as a practice site to try out new web techniques and third-party components, so don't be surprised if it changes often.

Professional Section

Interested in learning more about my past work experience? In need of software services and would like to know more about me? Click on the 'Professional' menu to read up on where I've worked, what I've done, and what I can do for your company.

Personal Section

If you are a friend or family - come on into my 'Personal' section. But, before you do, you must register to access it. (To register for access, use the login form on this page and click on the 'Create an account' link.)

Contact Me

Looking for something and didn't find it? Notice an error in the site? Please let me know! If you would like to contact me, you can click here, or any of the "Contact Me" menu items.

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